Paul Delikatessen – Wine & Gastronomy

About Us

From 1989

Paul Delikatessen borns from the passion for food and wine in a country where there’ s a great culinary tradition, Livigno.
Our intention is to offer something truly genuine and of high quality.
The store borns from needing a space dedicated to the combination of a good glass of wine, with good genuine things of the past.
The philosophy of the cellar is to retain the widest range of wines, this for offer a service that aims to be as complete as possible to the public.

Our Winery

There are about two hundred wine producers. The exhibition of wines extends over two floors, the store is in a classic style and also boasts of having some collections of wines, difficult to find in Italy.

The winery, located four meters into the ground, to give the right temperature and humidity perfect for the conservation and the aging of wines, offers a large selection of white wines and sparkling aperitif, still white light first dishes fish, whites structured first courses and main dishes with white meat, up to the young red for grilled meats, so the aged red for roast meats, game and mature cheeses, ending with sweet wines and dessert wines from dessert.

Specialty Food

To complete the proposal, are also presented various foodstuffs, including: mushrooms, honey, meats, sweets, pasties, creams and truffles. A complete range of products that includes in addition to the wine, balsamic vinegars, spirits, liqueurs, olive oil and many other delicacies. We look forward to pamper your palate, please come to our store for a memorable tasting.